How can I show my website in my adverts at My Residential Space ?

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asked Aug 1 by myresidentialspace (860 points)
edited 7 hours ago by myresidentialspace
If you decide to embed your company website URL in the property description, the advert will deleted.
You can display your company website URL in each advert by completing your profile and adding your company name, address and website.

If you are using My Residential Space as a company, you have to provide your company email address that matches your company website URL.

If you are a company, you can display your company name and website at the top of each listing.

Please note that only those with verified email and profile can show their website URL

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answered Aug 3 by Tim
If  a user embeds a URL in the property description, surely there must be a way of removing it automatically without removing the advert at once!
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